Top Sudanese Shops & Platforms in Twitter for 2020

Ahmed El-Affendi
3 min readJan 7, 2021


Twitter is a robust space for digital platforms and also for businesses in Sudan, so that’s why I ran a poll in December, 2020 to find out the top Sudanese Twitter Accounts for each sector, category, and type. The platforms are from different sectors, and so are the businesses. In addition I’ve created a dashboard on Tableau, in case you’re interested in having a detailed view just right here in this link.

Quick Summary on Sudanese Twitter Accounts in 2020

Twitter Platforms

When I say platforms, it means the Twitter Account itself is a digital platform that creates and/or shares digital content and useful information in Twitter only or mainly. It also can refer to the Twitter Accounts of organisations, companies, and entities that use Twitter as a platform to share their news, updates, or promoting of their businesses.

So, to the top Sudanese Platforms in Twitter:


1st place: 249 Startups

2nd place: Impact Hub Khartoum

3rd place: GEW Sudan


1st place: Sudn Jobs

2nd place: Orooma

3rd place: Dal GDP

Cultural Platforms

1st place: Sudanese Culture

2nd place: Voices of Sudan

3rd place: Andariya and 500 Words Magazine with equal votes.

Travel and Tourism

1st place: Travel around Sudan

2nd place: Tajuj

3rd place: ITC Sudan


1st place: Ya Zool Events

2nd place: Khartoum Calendar

3rd place: Sudan Events


1st place: Ahfad Trauma Center

2nd place: Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors

3rd place: Sudan Health


1st place: Sudev

2nd place: IEEE Sudan

3rd place: The Establishment of ICT Syndicate Initiative

Shipments and Logistics

1st place: Flex

2nd place: Faster

3rd place: Links


1st place: Shobak

2nd place: AMD Marketing

3rd place: Sudan Digital

Leather Products

1st place: Black Craft

2nd place: Peter & Black

3rd place: Cady


1st place: Suna

2nd place: Wakeep

3rd place: Sudan News

Real Estate

1st place: Khartoum Apartments

2nd place: Sudan Aqar

3rd place: Qotia


1st place: Mansoury’s Kitchen

2nd place: Smoke House

3rd place: MBJ


1st place: Soul Cafe’

2nd place: Caffiene

3rd place: Hangover Cafe

Social Works and NGOs

1st place: Sudan NextGen

2nd place: Sadagaat

3rd place: Refga for Orphans


1st place: Next Sudan

2nd place: Kiwi Training

3rd place: Institute of Tomorrow


1st place: Tirhal

2nd place: Go Ride

3rd place: Halan


1st place: Zain

2nd place: Sudani

3rd place: MTN

Twitter Businesses

When I say Twitter Businesses, I’m referring to the e-commerce shops that are using Twitter as their only and/or main tool to deliver their products and services.

And the top Sudanese Twitter Businesses are:

Fashion Retail

1st place: Trends Vanity

2nd place: Fantasy Store

3rd place: Pull over and Tafseela with the same count of votes.

Accessories Retail

1st place: Jasmine Boutique

2nd place: Watches & Glasses

3rd place: Saccessories


1st place: Booktino

2nd place: K-town Books

3rd place: Fiction Box

Cosmetics Retail

1st place: Shiny

2nd place: B&B Store

3rd place: Nails by Nana

Decorations Retail

1st place: Luminous House

2nd place: Plant and pot

3rd place: Physco LED

Electronics Retail and Maintenance

1st place:Fayad Store

2nd place: Fixer and Black Store with equal votes

3rd place: Ecostore & iTunes Sudan

Hommemade Food Shops

1st place: Ajona

2nd place: Gunish

3rd place: Good Days

Sweets Shops

1st place: Candy Store

2nd place: Patisserie

3rd place: Sugar Sprinkle

Gifts Retail

1st place: Dear Crush

2nd place: Winter Box

3rd place: Black Tulip

Jewelry Retail

1st place: Unique

2nd place: Silvia

3rd place: Jwan

General Retail

1st place: Low Cost

2nd place: Zoal Store

3rd place: Dukani

In conclusion, those were the top Sudanese Platforms and businesses in Twitter for the year of 2020 according the poll that I ran. I hope that you’ll find them useful and the Tableau Visuals are also clear to you.



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