Twitter as an E-Commerce Platform in Sudan

Twitter has served as an efficient tool for e-commerce in Sudan. It’s not used only for marketing, but it’s used as a primary platform for e-commerce business. There are numerous success stories in this area. People tend to identify credible and honest shops by specific criteria.

Firstly, Twitter is serving a crucial role in Sudanese E-Commerce. There is a vast portion of community of businessmen, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs in Sudan who are using Twitter and sometimes a combination between Twitter and Facebook to fully operate their business. They probably work in the field of e-commerce, which is based on recieving orders for tangible products from customers through direct messages.

Twitter has many advantages that makes it a vital platform for e-commerce. It’s free, easy to use, good tool for marketing, analysis, market research, strike deals, sell products, create partnerships, and customer service.

Moreover, there is a considerable number of startups and businesses that have succeeded and flourished through only using Twitter and/or Facebook. I’ll mention some of these successful stories.

Theoe stories include:

B&B Store

B&B Store is a shop for accessories, bags, cosmetics for ladies and many other things.

Black Craft

Black Craft is a leather products shop. It sells bags, wallets, and other stuff.


Mafia is a shop for car accessories.


Tafsela is a shop that provides traditional Sudanese Clothes for men.

Amater Gallery

Amater Gallery is a shop of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories.

Fiction Box

Fiction box is bookstore that’s based only on Twitter.

Black Store

Black store is a shop for electronics that sell various electronic devices along with their accessories.

Cinnamon Re

Cinnamon Re is a store for selling cinnamon rolls, jars, and balls.

Lastly, there’s a specific criteria for differentiating fake stores from real. You can ask Ask Sudanese People, or Ask Sudan, on Twitter, or you can try by your own.

Twitter is a vital platform for e-commerce in Sudan. Threre is an abundant amount of success stories of businesses that’ve started and are growing by using Twitter and/or Facebook only or mainly. The credibility of online Twitter Shops in Sudan are checked by asking the right people.




I’m a nomadic coffeeholic foodie Data Journalist|Cinematics addict| website:

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Ahmed El-Affendi

Ahmed El-Affendi

I’m a nomadic coffeeholic foodie Data Journalist|Cinematics addict| website:

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