Essential Mobile Apps for Living in Sudan

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Mobile apps eased the every-day lives of people in Sudan by facilitating how do they get their needed products and services. These are some of the most efficient mobile applications that you’ll need for your daily life in Sudan whether you were a tourist, visitor, or a resident.

1) Real Estate:

i) Aqar Al-Sudan is a platform for buying, selling, and renting real estates around Sudan. It offers information about villas, apartments, and lands.

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ii) Another application is “Khartoum Apartments”. It has the same concept of the previous one

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2) Car rentals:

Arabatak is a platform that enables you to rent cars.

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3) Buildings maintenance:

Souq Al-Sajjana is an application that offers you the ability to order technicians, electricians, and plumbers to fix you buildings’ issues.

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4) Money:

There’s a general golden rule for you when you use money apps in Sudan, which is: you can transfer money between any app and another using the bank card number for a Sudanese Bank. Also, most of those apps help you purchase online products from Sudanese e-commerce businesses, electricity, pay governmental bills, and recharge your phone credit.

i) Bankak

Bankak is the most viral money app in Sudan. It’s not a choice of whether to download it or not as most of Sudanese people use it and it offers exclusive services and money transfers between its users only. It doesn’t provide money transfers between different applications, but it does allow bank card money transfer. You can register using your mobile cell number or your Bank of Khartoum card number.

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ii) Syber Pay

Syber Pay is another money app that is very flexible as it provides money transfers between all bank accounts and money applications in Sudan except for Bank of Khartoum, Al-Salam Bank, Sudanese Faisal Islamic Bank, Al-Baraka Bank. Also, you can find out who’s also using the app from only their phone numbers and transfer money to them using only mobile phone numbers.

iii)Bushra Pay

Bushra Pay is almost as similar as Syber Pay. But it doesn’t have the phone number money transfer.

5) Groceries:

For retail goods, Dukani is the right platform for getting them.

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As for the fruits and vegetables, Fresh would be the one to order from.

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6) All in All:

Maksab is one of the weirdest platforms you’ll ever see in Sudan. It’s like an Uber application, but instead of the idea of taxi, it’s for providing any kind of service you can think of in your mind! The application provides services for buildings and electronics maintenance, gardening, hinna for ladies, foods, engineers. It’s more of a short-term freelancing platform.

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7) E-commmerce:

i) Alsoug

Alsoug is Sudan’s E-bay. Many business deals are conducted there, from the small needles to the big cars.

For ordering products from online shops, you can use Alsoug. It provides electronics, clothes, books, furniture, toys, home-made products, groceries and other consumables.

ii) Syber Delivery

Syber Delvery basically allows you to order any product you need, but you have to provide necessary details about the product that you want. Then the agents at Syber Delivery will provide you with a pricing, after that you can choose to whether to decline or to confirm the order.

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8) Transport:

i) Go

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ii) Lemon Taxi

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9) Food delivery:

i) Yalla Natlob

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ii) D-Request

10) Medical Consultation:

“Balsam” is a doctor consultation mobile application. Patients can open the app and ask your medical questions to our highly specialized doctors and get their answer in quicker time. Instead of waiting for hours to meet a doctor and paying a lot of money.

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11) Professional Medical Services

Doctor On Call” is a Sudanese door to door primary healthcare delivery service that aims to link doctors and medical professionals with the patients at the timing and location chosen by the patient.

Multiple specializations are available in the same mobile application. The services include: on-site doctor consultations, imaging to lab tests, tele-medicine and etc. These services are available in both the application and our call center, and are available on-demand 24/7.

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12) Pharmaceuticals:

i) Capsula

Capsula provides cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and allows pharmacy owners to provide biddings with a delivery service.

ii) Blush

Blush sells pharmaceuticals and cosmetics with a delivery service.

13) Car maintanence:


Monjid is an app through which you order a car mechanic to your location in order to fix your vehicle.

14) Shipping


Flex mainly provides shipping and delivering of products around Sudan in a wider scale as DHL and Aramex only cover a couple of major cities in Sudan, while Flex’s has a greater reach to all corners of Sudan.

In conclusion, these were the most essential mobile applications that you’ll need to navigate through daily life in Sudan.



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