The Voyage of the Sudanese Tourism Firm: “Travel Around Sudan”

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Kasinger Islands

Travel Around Sudan was founded by a group of three Sudanese travel addicts who ceased the moment of Sudan opening up to the world after the lifting of the American economic sanctions and contribute to close the gap in the Sudanese tourism industry for foreign tourists and travelers, foreign residents, and Sudanese nationals.

Travel Around Sudan offers local travel and touristic trips and tours, and logistic services and curating full cycle programs for institutions and NGOs around Sudanese cities .

The activities and services in their touristic trips and tours include: transport, luxurious accommodations, affordable accommodations, hiking, camping, entertainment activities, Sudanese music concerts and festivities that reflect Sudanese heritage, professional photography services for tourists and travelers to document their amazing memories that they’re going to have in Sudan.

Rahad, Kordofan, Sudan. Source:

Until this moment, Travel Around Sudan provided touristic trips and tours for these cities and touristic sites: Port Sudan, Kush Pyramids, Dilling, Kadugli, El-Obeid, Khartoum, Suakin, Sennar, Gedarif, Kassalla, Damazin, and Nertiti.

Hopefully they would be able to cover more and more cities and touristic sites in Sudan.

One of the Pyramids in Kush, Sudan. Source:

Their first customers were a group of people who had a lovely camping experience at the Kasinger Islands in Northern Sudan.

“Success to me is that can be considered as that our startup inspired others in Sudan to create similar travel and tourism businesses to ours, amount of affirmations that the Sudanese nationals received about their own history and culture, and the accessibility to new touristic sites and cities around Sudan.”

— Abdallatif Ali, Co-Founder and CEO of Travel Around Sudan

Arkaweet, Sudan

The founders view the main threats that may disturb their operations in three points: economic instability, political instability, and safety and security issues that may arise from time to time due to conflicts and street armed robberies.

A camping trip in Kordofan, Sudan

To sum up, Travel Around Sudan offers a cool experience for travelers and tourists to explore Sudanese cities, and touristic sites around Sudan with indulging services and trips that would be great to add to your next list of “to visit and experience” list.

Kasinger Islands, Sudan

To contact, arrange, plan, and reserve your touristic trip with Travel Around Sudan, you can reach out to them by calling them using these mobile numbers:

  1. 00249-993638818
  2. 00249-925556806
  3. 00249-961725858

Or reach out to them on Twitter, and Facebook.



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