The Sudanese Translation Startup: Zeena Translation Firm

Zeena Translation Firm is a Sudanese startup that was founded by Zeinab Humeida in 2021 to provide language translation services to and from seven languages including: Arabic, English, French, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, and Eritrean.

They are able to conduct various types of translation: general translation, legal translation, contracts translation, certificates translation, economic translation, scientific translation, corporate translation, and academic research translation.

They’re also able to do interpretations in conferences, public services, criminal justice system, local government, and medicine.

Moreover, they’re proficient in creating digital content in different languages, media translations and dubbing that include: dubbing synchronization with the lip, voiceover documentaries, films and clips translation, content development and creative writing, writing content for marketing and advertising, writing content for websites, writing official speeches, writing reports, writing annual reports.

They’re also able to do proofreading to overcome mistakes and improve grammar, typography, and punctuation.

If you’re interested in their services, you can reach out to their e-mail:

Or their mobile numbers:

A- 00249126352353

B- 00249112052709

And you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



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