Influential Technological professionals, and entities in Sudan

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The tech professionals and entities in Khartoum have a dense diversity of people and occupations. In this article I’ll just make a spotlight on some of those tech influencers and entities.

Firstly, I’ll go through the tech influencers. Below you’ll explore with me some, — not all — of the tech influencers in Sudan along with their portfolios and where can you find them on the social media.

Mustafa Shaib

comments about African Entrepreneurship by Mustafa

Mustafa Shaib is a cybersecurity pioneer at all levels. He’s been fighting cyber-crime since 2007. First, as an IT consultant and now as a cybersecurity businessman who is providing his cybersecurity expertise to government, military, and commercial clients for over twelve years. He is the CEO of Broken Cipher.

You can find Mustafa Shaib on Twitter:

Mustafa B. Hamad

Mustafa Hamad is a professor with 20 years of experience at the university of Kharoum and is the founder & general manager of IntelliSoft Software Company.

Alkhatib Hamad Adam

Alkhatib is an Android Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in PHP, Java and Xamarin.

Alkhatib’s portfolio is available at Mostaql:

Ayman Alshaikh

Ayman is one of those people who turned their hobby into a profession. His expertise is on information security in general, and mobile applications development in specific in addition. He is currently a computer science student at the University of Khartoum and working as a part time mobile applications developer and a software testing engineer as well. Ayman’s vision is to get involved in developing creative and secure ICT based solutions that could solve today’s real world problems. Ayman has a great achievements in the field of information security since 2013. He represented Sudan for six year by participating in Global Cyberlympics Competition. He also represented Sudan on Arab Regional Information Security CTF Competition 2018 “CyberTalents” in Egypt with his team. He also a volunteer for OWASP Khartoum chapter and IEEE Sudan for more than two years on organizing local sessions. He’s always seeking for the opportunity to meet and network with the people and entrepreneurs who are as passionate as him about implementing modern technologies to achieve sustainable development goals.

Ayman’s portfolio is available on Linkedin:

You can also find Ayman on Twitter:

Tagwa Warrag

Tagwa is a data scientist, and a data journalist. She has a technological blog on Wordpress for the following interesting topics: probabilities, linear algebra, algorithms, programming, data visualization, and theories. However, the blog still do not have an English language option.

You can check on Tagwa’s Technological blog here:

Also you can check on her articles, which are available in both English and Arabic, at Andariya here:

You can find Tagwa on Twitter:

Ghadeer Hamdi

Ghadeer is the founder of Ghadeer Design and Art.

Ahmed Isam

Ahmed is the founder of LemonLabs, which is parent company for Lemon Taxi and Lemon Food. He’s an entrepreneur and Software Engineer (Android, Node.js, Qt).

You can find Ahmed on Twitter:

Secondly, I’ll dive into the technological entities.


It’s an initiative by developers to provide help for other developers to nurture their skills , experience and knowledge.

They’re available on Twitter:


Nile Center for Technological Research. It was founded in 2007 as the first specialized R&D center in Sudan. It provides a wide range of products, services and solutions that cover different aspects of the ICT fields such as Information security, networks, communication, electronics and radio systems, software solutions and consultations. Its solutions drive governmental agencies, private companies, enterprises and businesses to better work environments and higher organizational efficiency. It also pays great attention to the advancement of applied research, and therefore, has founded three specialized research centers in the most prestigious universities in Sudan.

Intro video

You can check on NCTR’s recorded conferences and exhibitions in the link below:

Also you can check on the products and services provided by NCTR:

Lemon Labs

Lemon Labs is the parent company of Lemon Taxi and Lemon Food.


Sudahosting is the only Sudanese Company to provide websites hosting services. The founders of the company used open-source technology with a commitment to customer success. Sudahosting provides domain registration, web hosting and cloud services to websites, blogs and applications along with the best supports ever. It’s a user-friendly enough for beginners yet powerful enough for seasoned developers and businesses. Perfect for those who are looking for easy to use, reliable and super-fast web hosting.

You can visit them in their website:

And you can follow them on Twitter:

Zoal Technology

Telecommunications in Sudan

Zoal Technology is a YouTube channel that discusses new technologies, make reviews on devices, and the criteria on choosing the right devices. Unfortunately, it’s available only in Arabic.

You can visit their YouTube Channel here:

To sum up, those were only a sample of the technological pioneers and entities in Sudan. I hope that I’ve enlightened you a little bit.

If you think that I should’ve added more people or entities to the article or edit a part of it, please mention it in the comments space below.



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