Recap of Sudan Croc Dispatch in 2022

Throughout this article I shall go through the best and most interesting headlines and coolest things that happened throughout my coverage in 2022 between the first of January and the first of December.

New Mobile Applications and Websites Released in 2022:

In 2022 those Sudanese mobile applications were released:

  1. Bloom App: a mobile money app, Fintech industry.
  2. Mersalk: an e-commerce app that provides many retail goods.
  3. Delivery Request: a restaurant drinks and foods delivery app.
  4. Safraa: a transport app for travel buses around Sudan.
  5. Bab Al-Hara: an e-commerce app specialised in selling mobile phone devices, tablets and their accessories.
  6. Zoola Zone: an e-commerce
  7. Al-Salam Hotel: an application for information about the services at Al-Salam Hotel
  8. Yalla Nabda Business: business services
  9. Cofftea Shop: an e-commerce app for selling retail products by Cofftea to using factory prices

In 2022 those Sudanese websites that were released:

  1. Bejai: an e-commerce website
  2. UrWurk: a platform for freelancers living inside Sudan
  3. Yalla Nabda Business: a website for business services, consultations, training, contracts, and other things
  4. AlBrish: an e-commerce website for original Sudanese brands for customers in UAE and Saudi Arabia

New Products in 2022

a. Electric rickshaws manufactured

b. Data Research Reports on agriculture in Sudan by DataQ and Amun Data

c. Sudanese themed Stickers by Teahoe249

d. Many products by Peter and Black released throughout the year

e. Cards collection with Sudanese themed arts by Rana Jubara, Sold at Contraband

f. Polo Shirts sold by Sudan Animal Rescue

g. Josephine collection by Nawar Kamal Jewelry

h. New sticker collection by Salma Arts Shop

New Services in 2022:

a. COVID19 testing by Doc on Call app

b. X-rays by Doc on call app

c. Maryud Radio streaming service using internet

d. Delivery of new Passports by Sudapost

e. Psychotherapists and psychologists service by Maksab app

f. Pharma-D provides medicine and pharmaceuticals per month for its customers per request

Governmental regulations and laws made in 2022(Sources: Wakeep and Sudan Plus):

a. Used smartphones are not to be sold or bought without a copy of proper ID docs

b. All imports are funded without exception

c. Ten years imprisonment to anyone who attempts to export locally produced wheat

d. Launch of MARHBA platform for car accidents

e. New hospital on Bara road Omdurman

f. Return of Shroog channel to Jamal Al-Wali

g. Abdulbasit Hamza declared as a fugitive

h. Seizure of all assets of Tarco Airlines

Appointments and terminations in the business world (Sources: Wakeep and Sudan Plus):

a. Hiring Taha Hussein Yousif, CEO of Zadna

b. Termination of the financial director of Sudanair

c. Hiring of Adam Haqwab, GM of Ariab mining company

d. Firing of head of water authority in River Nile state

Cool projects launched throughout the year:

a. Mapping Omdurman by Urban Studio

b. Yalla Nabda by MSG

c. Decaying Bank by the Muse

c. LOVIN Khartoum was launched by Augustus Media

d. Tonjela

e. Sudan podcasts project launch

f. Khartoumap

Partnerships Made

  1. Takreer and Sudan Animal Rescue
  2. Savannah Innovation Labs and Mastercard
  3. Savannah Innovation Labs and GiZ
  4. Maryud FM and Rateena Cafe
  5. Beam Reports and Bread and Net
  6. Dataq-SD and Amun Data
  7. MTN Sudan and Liga Data
  8. Haboob and Al-Khaleej Bank
  9. Hagaar and Code Sudan
  10. IEEE Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari and Code Sudan

Best of Travel and Tourism

Best of Travel and Tourism Headlines:

  1. Sudanair started weekly trips to Heathrow airport via Rabat International airport
  2. US Embassy reopens its center and library in Khartoum
  3. Birds Sanctuary
  4. Safety of Sudan for Travelers
  5. Black Market of travel visas to Egypt
  6. Coffee in Sudan and MENA

Best of Business

Sudanese Businesses that made a rebrand in 2022:

  1. MTN Sudan

2. Tenchologya

3. AlSudaniya Mentoring

4. Haboob

New startups and companies that were founded in 2022:

  1. Beyond Media Production: photography, videography, and media production services
  2. Golden Rays: Solar Energy products and services
  3. UrWurk: A digital online platform for freelancers to offer their freelancing services

Best of Finance

Best Finance Headlines:

  1. Syber Pay mobile money app started issuing, delivering, and activating physical ATM cards within 3 days.
  2. Faisal Islamic Bank provides the service of money transfers via Money Gram
  3. Daily money transfer limit increases to 5 million SDG (8665 USD) for most money transfer applications
  4. Syber Pay started issuing virtual VISA cards
  5. United Capital Bank started facilitating VISA POS for businesses, shops, and websites
  6. Central Bank of Sudan warns from the usage of cryptocurrency in Sudan
  7. Matuidi invests in Bloom

Best of Technology

Best headlines in technology:

  1. MTN Sudan introduced 5G networks to Sudan
  2. “Break Logic” and “CTRL A” developed the first Sudanese video game

3. Suda Cards, a digital shop for selling gift cards for online services and shops was founded

To sum up, 2022 had many devastative and painful events and incidents, but it was too also full of many many amazing things in Sudan. New mobile apps and websites were developed and released, new products were created, new services were introduced, many partnerships were made, the railroad got some juicy funding and new renovation with two new lines one is a railroad between Egypt and Sudan and the second is between Chad and Sudan. Moreover, many awesome projects were launched like Lovin Khartoum that specialises in creating content about tourism in Sudan, and other ones. MTN Sudan launched a data and AI solution in Sudan. And many other good things occurred for the world of business, finance, tourism, and technology in Sudan.



I’m a coffeholic foodie data journalist, data scientist, writer, & storyteller. Interested in cinematics, language learning, books reading, music, & culture

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Ahmed El-Affendi

I’m a coffeholic foodie data journalist, data scientist, writer, & storyteller. Interested in cinematics, language learning, books reading, music, & culture