Sudanese Podcast Channels

There’s a number of interesting Sudanese Podcast Channels that you might find quite handy.

Sudev — Arabic

This is a podcast about software development, and other topics related to the technological careers in general and in Sudan in specific.

Hiwarat Podcast — Arabic

Hiwarat is about economy in Sudan and discussing possible solutions on how to solve the current issues and how to improve the economy.

Hassan Talks! — English

Hassan discusses an issue or tell a story in each episode with a Sudanese Guest or a Non-Sudanese Professional if needed to cover a topic through an interview.

SudanMoves: Khartoum Podcast — Arabic

Khartoum Podcast talks about the history, heritage, and culture of the Capital City of Khartoum.

Chit Chat with Muaz Osman — Arabic

In this podcast Muaz talks with a guest about totally random topic in each episode. But don’t worry he speaks about stuff that falls in the interest of the community.

In conclusion, those were five podcast channels that speaks about technology, economy, and interviews about issues in Sudan.



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Ahmed El-Affendi

Ahmed El-Affendi

I’m a coffeholic foodie data journalist, data scientist, writer, & storyteller. Interested in cinematics, language learning, books reading, music, & culture