Sudanese B2B Software Development Firms

Whenever a company owner or a startup founder wants to have a website or mobile application for a project, he/she either assign it to one the employees or outsource it another specialized company or freelancer. Throughout this article, I’ll be shedding some spotlight on two of the main Local Sudanese Firms in the field of B2B software and web development in Sudan. Any other foreign company is excluded in this article.

Narbase Technologies

Narbase Technologies mainly develops mobile applications for other businesses and startups, but it also provides services in Ui/Ux design, backend development, technical training, and consultations.

The projects that was done by the company include:

  1. Mishwar Taxi mobile application, and your can read more about Mishwar’s Story at Andariya here.
  2. Dopa, which is the first system for pharmacies in Sudan for ordering medical drugs and cosmetics. It consists of an app for pharmacies for ordering, an app for salespeople for receiving pharmacies orders, creating offers and monitoring offers through its lifecycle, a web pp for drugs agents companies, and an admin app.[1]
  3. One Blood, which is an application connecting blood recipients with blood donors, to help decreasing the gap between actual blood need and available blood. The blood recipients can submit their need, through any legal hospital,and donors will receive notifications for requests according to their blood type.[2]

The clients include:

  1. MTN Sudan
  2. Zain Sudan
  3. Mishwar

You can visit Narbase Technologies’ website in the link below:


Nilogy provides the following software services:

  1. Mobile applications development
  2. Web design and development
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Custom solution development
  5. Hosting and server management
  6. SMS solutions

You can view Nilogy’s Applications below:


You can download the portfolio from here.

In conclusion, those were two main Local Sudanese Firms that hold a substantial portion of the B2B software development business in Sudan.




I’m a nomadic coffeeholic foodie Data Journalist|Cinematics addict| website:

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Ahmed El-Affendi

Ahmed El-Affendi

I’m a nomadic coffeeholic foodie Data Journalist|Cinematics addict| website:

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