Strategy simulation games and how it can reshape the future youth leadership in Sudan

Ahmed El-Affendi
2 min readSep 14, 2020

It’s known to all of us that the youthful community in Sudan rarely get the chance to lead and gain experience in the governmental bodies and activities. Here is where the strategy simulation games come in to fill this gap.

One of these strategy simulation games is the 25-years old Sid Meier’s Civilization Series. The latest release is Civilization 6.

In this game you might not be able to simulate the exact current environment of the world, but you’ll be able to simulate unlimited number of possible scenarios.

You’ll be acting as the leader of the country in this game. People can gain an insight about exports and imports of resources, debts, waging wars, diversification of economy, forging alliances, founding of cities, farming, become a superpower.

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Governmental System

You get to choose the system of your country. Is it a republic or not?

Assign which governor to which cities.


You can determine whether it’s a religious state, secular, communist, or etc.


You’ll always be able to research technologies and allocating resources for it.


You get to choose the main pillar or type of economy. Do you want it to be based on tourism, internal trade, or exports?

You can build commercial districts, banks, markets and etc.

Crisis management

You can also experience a simulation of how to interact to disasters like floods, volcanos, storms, military occupation, tornados, climate change, city drowning from rise of sea level due to global warming, getting hit by a nuclear bomb, plague.


You can choose what is the state’s official relogion, and you can set policies for tolerating the spread of other religions or not. The main drawback here is that the developer has inserted the topic of prophets and holy sites, which is inappropriate as followers of these religions are offended by such an act. I mean to see that your prophet or holiest site is part of a game is not really a nice thing!

To sum up, I believe that such a game can assist greatly in spreading the knowledge and terminologies of governance and leadership amongst the future youth leadership in Sudan. And might also give them some experience about specific aspects!



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