Story of the Girentiya Post

Ahmed El-Affendi
3 min readDec 10, 2022

Girentiya Post was founded by me as a result of my own frustration. It was very frustrating for me to see that the whole world has travel guides and travel media outlets dedicated for their tourism industry and also the idea that many business media outlets that focus on international businesses, African businesses, and MENA businesses rarely or may never speak about businesses in Sudan. I felt with disrespect when all travel, tourism, and business media outlets deliberately ignore Sudan and its potential, businesses, companies, startups, touristic attractions. I didn’t really know the reason behind this sick attitude practiced by the international, American, European, and Arabian media outlets, but I was frustrated, really really frustrated. That’s when I decided to launch my own media project the Girentiya Post in Jan/2020 to become a guide on business and tourism in Sudan for foreign tourists, expats in Sudan, foreign businessmen, foreign businesswomen, foreign investors, and foreign entrepreneurs. It’s vital and necessary for such a thing to exist because without an informative guide for people in interested in business and tourism inside Sudan, Sudan won’t be able to improve its trade exchange, improve its economy, create new jobs, maintain a positive narrative in the global stage in order to avoid any misconception that would affect the economic status of Sudan or the tendency to do business with Sudan. I chose the name “Girentiya” because it means the hippopotamus in our Sudanese languages and accents and just like the hippo I wanted Girentiya Post to be large, strong, and very fast like the hippo in order to close the gap of information about business and tourism in Sudan.

I also created multiple sub projects:

  1. Girentiya Gallery: a directory of Sudanse businesses, startups, companies
  2. Girentiya Kitchen: a directory for the best restaurants around Sudan
  3. Girentiya Shopping: a directory for he best shops and a guide for shopping around Sudan
  4. Humans of Girentiya: a directory of Sudanese businessmen, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, founders, business leaders, and Sudanese socila media influencers in tourism, entertainment, and business.

You can reach out to me to learn about the project via email: or

Also you can follow Girentiya Post and follow up with its content and news on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



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