Platforms of Tech News

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Have you ever wondered where should you get your “professional” technology newsfeed from? Throughout this essay I’ll pass through some of the richest sources of news, reviews, and other information about technologies. The ordering of them is irrelevant to the best or worst.

1. NY times Tech

2. Make Use of

3. PC Mag

4. Tech Radar

5. MIT Technology Review

6. Extreme Tech

7. Tech Insider

8. Droid Life

9. Venture Beat

10. CNET

11. WSJ Tech

12. Digital Trends

13. Engadget

14. The next web

15. Slash Gear


17. GigaOm

In conclusion, these were some of the finest global tech news source. You’d use them to catch up on tech and know more on the devices you want to buy through the reviews mentioned in them.



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