Simulation Games and Enhancing Professions

Simulation games are useful for demonstrating the concepts of a wide range of professions. The best part is that they are available for the public to acquire them.

Simulation games are truly beneficial for explaining the “how” is it done in multiple professions, which are probably practical professions. They decrease the cost of errors or damage done to real and tangible assets and tools. Moreover, they offer a greater number of tools to be used, simulate a case or an environment with chosen variables, so that the simulation process would fit your exact situation and work environment, or even random unpredictable circumstances. Of course, the ideal simulation would include not only software, but also hardware if available, but it’s okay if you use only the mouse, keyboard and the joystick.

Some of these games are:

Cities Management, Development, and Urban Planning

Cities: Skylines

You can read more on it here.

Vehicles and Transport

X-Plane 11

It’s one of the most properous games for simulating aviation.

You can read more about it here.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

Bus Mechanic Simulator

Train Simulator 2020

Metro Simulator 2020


Farming Simulator 19


House Flipper

It’s mainly about the maintenance of houses.

PC Hardware

PC Building Simulator

This would be very beneficial for IT support staff and the people working in the PC maintenance shops.


Planet Zoo

It’s useful for building zoos and managing them.

You can explore more on the topic of simulation games in Wikipedia.

In conclusion, these were ten simulation games that serve multiple professions. All of them are available for PC in Steam Store.




I’m a nomadic coffeeholic foodie Data Journalist|Cinematics addict| website:

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Ahmed El-Affendi

Ahmed El-Affendi

I’m a nomadic coffeeholic foodie Data Journalist|Cinematics addict| website:

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