Research Centers & Institutes in Sudan

Ahmed El-Affendi
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In order to build new knowledge, understand what’s happening around us, succeed in our endeavors, verify a claim, seize an opportunity, raise community awareness, prove a hypothesis, solve problems, or take accurate if not precise decisions, research must be conducted. Research centers, projects, and other entities in Sudan are not as influential and powerful as other countries, but there’re several entities that try to thrive and contribute and . There are various types of research entities in Sudan that contribute and add new research. However, I’ll only mention entities that do not fall under the category of universities.

The Urban Episode

The Urban Episode is a research studio that aims to redefine knowledge, history, and culture of the urban spaces around Sudan. One of its products is Khartoum Podcast which is an audio series that explores Khartoum and through the view of specialists, urbanists, artists, and other inhabitants of the city.

Sudanese Researchers Foundation

Sudanese researchers foundation is a scientific non governmental and non-profit entity that aims to facilitate collaboration and engagement between Sudanese researchers in various fields. It was found in 2009.

AMD Research

AMD Research is a subsidiary of Darwish Brothers. It is a private research company that serves other entities with customized research projects as per request to their clients. The areas that it researches include: market, society, marketing, brand, media, advertising, retail & consumer reach, healthcare, and data literacy.

Sudanese Women Economists Association

Sudanese Women Economists Association (SWEA) was founded in 2020 to improve the women economists’ participation in the policy and academic spheres in Sudan and contribute to the economic research. Currently it offers an online training to build the research capacity of young economists in under developed states around Sudan and conflict zones

Sudan Research & Consultancy Group

The Sudan Research and Consultancy Group focus on public policies and business in Sudan. It has a think tank that focuses on research about critical issues and business and investment desk that focuses on providing foreign/local companies and investors with information, data driven research, comprehensive legal services, and management solutions.


Tasees is a non-profit research center that aims to research human sciences and their intersections with Islamic studies. But sadly it’s only in Arabic.

National Centre for Research

The national center for research is a governmental research institute that was found in 1970. It aims to conduct scientific and practical research to develop economy, and society within the framework of the government’s policy. The areas focused on include: medical herbs, sensors, biotechnology, and genetic engineering.

Though Sudan has no strong research presence in the world, there are effective and influential research centers that do add value to the society and in different sectors. These were influential research centers and institutions that operate outside the umbrella of the universities and have a good amount of papers, books, lectures, articles, training programs, and podcasts that you’ll find it intriguing to take a look on them.



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