Public Libraries in Khartoum

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University of Khartoum Library — 1936 A.D.

Khartoum has a wide range of public libraries that offer a huge number of books in Arabic, English, and some other languages. Some of these libraries do not offer just books, but also serve as cultural centers that provide training, workshops, a quiet place for reading and studying and hosting cultural events.

University of Khartoum Library

The University of Khartoum Library contains scientific books mostly. These books serve university students, researchers, readers, and professors.

Al Faisal Cultural Center

Al Faisal Cultural Center has an electronic membership for its library. It also has the service of searching for the books you want through specialized screens by yourself.

inside the library of Al-Faisal Cultural Center

You can also check on the other library services:

  1. Copying
  2. Electronic Library
  3. External borrowing

You can visit their website here.

Abdel Karim Merghani Cultural Centre

The Abdel Karim Merghani Cultural Centre is a non-profit association that created the famous Al- Tayeb Salih prize for creative writing in 2002, considered the most important prize in Sudan for novel writing. In recent years the centre published 13 novels and 6 collections of short stories and organised several creative writing workshops, exhibitions, talks, concerts and performance.

The AKMCC is one of the very few independent cultural institutions in Sudan that carry on the mission of democratisation of culture despite continual censorship and persecution.[1]

American Center

The American Center is a public library at the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum (Soba). To visit the library, which contains thousands of books and multimedia resources on language, literature, education, culture, history, and politics. According to the website of the American Embassy you have to book your visit at least 24 hours in advance at or by calling +249187022109 in order to enter the library of the American Center.

Al-Jaber Endowment Library

The library has around 5000 books which are of cultural and religuous nature. It’s also facilitated with a digital library, network connectivity, and halls for lectures and workshops.

Al-jaber Library reading hall

In conclusion, these were five public libraries that offer a wide range of both English and Arabic books from various categories. Some of them offer free entry and others offer paid entry like Faisal cultural center.



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