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Sudan’s suffer from digital illiteracy especially in the area of data. The organisations around te world focus on negative aspects when collecting data or creating data visualization about Sudan. The local institutions and organisations in Sudan are also not doing anything effective about it. An initiative is needed to solve this issue.

Sudan was isolated from the economic world order and was deprived from the latest advancements in technologies. This caused a case of digital illiteracy in the field of data. Add to this the poor infrastructure in the sectors of electricity and ICT. These circumstances made Khartoum the only state with stable infrastructure in ICT and electricity compared to the rest of the states of Sudan.

Secondly, there are multiple organisations and institutions that operate in a global scale and are operating in Sudan. These organisations are mostly NGOs and humanitarian organisations like the United Nations. They do collect data about Sudan and they do make them public, but the problem is these datasets are mostly about famine, fatalities, injuries, diseases. These datasets are useful for humanitarians and social workers, but where the datasets that are useful to lawmakers, zoologists, businessmen, technology researchers, entrepreneurs, chemists, entertainment professionals, and etc.

As for the local Sudanese Institutions and Organisations, they provide no datasets about Sudan at all! And if they did have datasets about Sudan, they’re no available to the public

That’s why I’m aiming to crowdsource and/or create datasets about Sudan in various topics and make them available to the public at Kaggle.

I’ve started by creating three Google forms to start the process of crowdsourcing the data and build open datasets about Sudan.

Please do participate in the data crowdsourcing process using Google Forms and share it with your people:

1- Sudanese Books (English)

2- Sudanese Local Companies (English)

3- Sudanese Jobs’ Earnings (English)

4- Sudanese Books (Arabic)

5- Sudanese Local Companies (Arabic)

6- Sudanese Jobs’ Salaries (Arabic)

And if you want a dataset about a specific topic you can fill this form.

To conclude, Sudan has a great gap in the area of open datasets due to many reasons. Global organisations operating in Sudan are providing datasets about humanitarian topics, and Sudan Local Organisations are not providing sufficent either. This is the reason that I’ve created the project “Sudan Open Data”.

Data Scientist, Data Journalist, Technology Evangelist, and the Godfather of the Girentiya Post.

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