My Latest Project: Khartoum Rediscovered

Photo captured by @MuayedKhalifa

Sudan suffered and is still suffering from the negative narrative in the Western media outlets that has a global influence and reputation. Western Media outlets in North America, Europe, and Oceania adopted this negative narrative about Sudan since Bill Clinton enforced his economic sanctions on Sudan in 1997 and even maybe earlier than that. This negative narrative damaged the reputation of Sudan as a country and people and presented Sudan as a country of wars, diseases, terrorism, violence, deaths, chaos, poverty, famine, and illiteracy. While the fact that Sudan does have bad aspects, that doesn’t erase or mute the good and awesome things, and huge potential of Sudan. Sudan is a country like any country in the world has both negative and positive aspects, but the Western media outlets decided to be unfair with Sudan and tell only negative stories about Sudan. Moreover, the Western media outlets has a very annoying double standards system in which they promote for tourism and business in Egypt and UAE nearly unconditionally, while the same Western media outlets rarely speak about the corrupted courts, governmental officials, digital espionage, rogue oppressive military operations, innocent citizens of both Egypt and the UAE who were imprisoned, tortured, and killed barbarically, violently, and sadistically. Instead you find the Western media outlets speaking about the pyramids and museums of Egypt and all what’s positive in Egypt and also they speak about Dubai and the luxurious lifestyle of the UAE.

That being said, I’ve launched four long term robust and extensive projects about tourism and business in Sudan. Projects dedicated to contribute in twisting the global media narrative about Sudan using true, comprehensive, and balanced news and storylines.

In my latest project Khartoum Rediscovered I’ll be creating a series of multiple digital media products that would boost and promote tourism in the state of Khartoum and level up the business ecosystem of Sudan by shedding light on all Sudanese businesses, startups, trademarks, brands, and shops.

The final digital products and outputs will all be in English language mainly and they would be:

All of these seven outputs from my project “Khartoum Rediscovered” will hopefully contribute vastly in improving the narrative about Sudan, push the economic wheel of Sudan, enhance the Sudanese economy, enable Sudanese and foreign business owners to conduct more profitable deals and grow their businesses, create new jobs in Sudan, help foreign tourists, expats, diplomats, and travelers navigate the state of Khartoum more efficiently, increase exports and trade exchange between Sudan and the world.

Lastly, you can also check upon my previous three projects that have the same mission:

In conclusion, the oppressive unfair news and media coverage by the Western media outlets about Sudan must be demolished with a balanced media coverage that focuses more on the truthful positive facts of Sudan. That was the spark igniting me to create multiple projects for this purpose in order to improve the economy and business ecosystem of Sudan.



I’m a coffeholic foodie data journalist, data scientist, writer, & storyteller. Interested in cinematics, language learning, books reading, music, & culture

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Ahmed El-Affendi

I’m a coffeholic foodie data journalist, data scientist, writer, & storyteller. Interested in cinematics, language learning, books reading, music, & culture