This time I’m writing about an unpleasant experience that I had as a 6-years old student in grade one, elementary school.

Honestly I studied in an elementary school where violence was the main tool to make students behave.When I was studying grade one at the elementary school our teacher used to grab a student’s head from his hair and STRIKE it to the wall that was made from concrete and I still remember the sound of my colleague’s skull bones hitting the wall !

Was that enough?

No, he also had a long 30 cm thick ruler made from wood and a plastic stick just like those used by the police to hit us in our hands and other parts of bodies. I don’t know was I attending a school or some torture dungeon in a heavily guarded prison?
And on the parents day, when my father meets the teacher, who beats us, I am shocked from the schizophrenia of the violent teacher. He was a very respectful gentleman with my dad. But on any ordinary school day he treats us with his violence!

My family observed that I return home with a pale face, abnormal behavior for a 6-years old kid and I never ever wanted to go to school every day on every single day I go in a battle with many tears for NOT going to school. It was like being dragged from my feet to Hell!

And I never spoke about what was wrong with me or what’s happening in school. So yeah, I didn’t have a nice childhood and I had this ill temper and abnormality, and God knows maybe psychological problems that I didn’t know their names for a long part of my life.

That was the story of my grade one nightmare.

Until I graduated from university, then and only then I spoke about my past and my family just understood what was wrong wtih me.

I’m way much better today, but still I am very skeptical of whomever I interact with. Whomever I meet, interact with I assume previously that this person in front of me isn’t the real character. There’s still things hidden beneath that smile, generosity, kindness, or whatever good thing you call. I always assume that there’s something evil beneath that I still don’t see in whomever I interact or network with.

We need to put an end for these barbaric behaviors in elementary schools and everywhere else.

Please take care of your children and stand firmly with them. Don’t let them become violence victims of some sadistic teacher!

How was your elementary school experience?

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