Mazin’s Voyage


Mazin Abdelrahman — aka Mazin Urso — is a Sudanese travel film maker, content creator, and multimedia journalist who was one of the very first people to visit most of the touristic sites in Sudan and create travel films about them. Sudan suffered from massive negative representation in Western and global media outlets, which made people around the world getting to know the cool aspects around Sudan very hard. Mazin decided to take initiative and start documenting all of the touristic sites, festivals, traditions, and places by filming videos in Arabic for the audience of Arabic Speakers, but also he invites over travel vloggers and film makers from around the globe for them to get the best possible experience in the Sudanese tourism.

He’s also the founder of a bilingual (English and Arabic) online platform in social media called “Visit Sudan”, which aims to serve as a travel, tourism, and information guide about Sudan.

Mazin’s YouTube Channel currently contains more than 150 videos about tourism in Sudan and travel films around the globe.

He documented many historical sites, awesome foods, amazing traditions, cool places, heritage, fashion, and events.

He also enjoys sharing his global experiences like the Mandela Washington Fellowship that he was part of, workshops and conferences that he attend, create travel guide films for the countries that he visit so that other Sudanese citizens would get a solid idea about what lays ahead of them when they travel to these countries or take part in such fellowships, programs, workshops, and conferences.

The latest of Mazin’s Trips was in Port Sudan and other locations in the Red Sea state, where he covered the cuisine, fashion, languages of the Red Sea state. Unfortunately, the video has no English translation yet, but if you understand Arabic, then you would have no problem in watching it.



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Ahmed El-Affendi

Ahmed El-Affendi

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