Masayer for Heritage: an Exquisite Artistic Shop in Sudan

Masayer is one of the most elegant Sudanese arts shops founded by Tibyan Labib and it provide decent artistic products that reflects the Sudanese heritage, culture and identity.

Masayer provides a colourful range of designed and crafted products that include fashion products like the Sudanese Markoob shoes, abayas for women, jalabiyas for men, tiyab for women, furniture sets, decorations for homes and offices, and accessories. Currently Masayer operates and sell its products in Sudan and UAE, and seeks to expand into more regions and countries in the world in the future. The products are either ready-made or commissioned by customers according to their preferences in colours, materials, and metric dimensions.

The word “Masayer” originally is a Sudanese term that refers to the 2 braids that go around the ears. That’s where Tibyan drew her inspiration of the brand.

“ I got here by my family support first, and friends. My kids inspire me all the time to be more creative and to try make them proud of me.” — Tibyan Labib, Founder of Masayer

Tibyan may delegate many parts of her business duties to the rest of her employees except for the artistic touches, which she enjoys doing all by herself, that distinguishes her products from other brands and makes her products unique.

Tibyan, Founder of Masayer, Source:

“I’m my main competitor, so I push myself more and more in my work to cherish my customers. There might be other similar businesses in the market, but each one of us has his/her own unique style, and this would be my own style in delivering my own artistic products” — Tibyan said.

These are but a few collection from Masayer Shop that would enchant your eyes (All pictures credit belong to Masayer’s profile in Instagram):

  1. Turbans for men

2. Coffee cups

3. Sofa with wall decoration

3. Markoob shoes (for both genders) with green designs

4. Culinary used for crushing garlic and spices

5. Mirrors


6. Canvas paintings

7. Blue mug coasters

8. Pink mug coasters

9. Markoob shoes (for both genders) with blue and red designs

10. T-shirts

11. Markoob shoes (for both genders) with circular designs

12. Tote bags

13. Markoob shoes (for both genders) with blue designs

14. Grey Pottery

15. Yellow pottery

16. Coffee table for living rooms

17. Vases

18. Markoob shoes (for both genders) with geometric designs

19. Markoob shoes (for both genders) with circular black designs

20. Jug

21. Furniture set

22. Baskets

23. Blue furniture set

24. White abaya

To view more products and future products follow Masayer on Instagram.

You can visit Masayer Shop in Bahri, Khartoum, Sudan in this location.

And you can contact them using their e-mail:

Or their Mobile number: 0024912313774

To sum up, Masayer for Heritage offers quite a cool collection of artistic products that reflects the elements of the Sudanese culture that will make a delightful addition to your fashion wardrobe, style, office, and home. The best part is not only you get to buy what’s offered in the shop, but you can also commission Masayer to create products that fit your colour, designs, and metric preferences. I hope that your experience at this shop would be enjoyable.



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