Is it a stone or something else?

There are many things that exist around us in our environment, but here is the thing: most of us don’t observe what’s interesting in it because we see these things everyday, but some of us observe and deduct what others didn’t!

Now if I asked you what is in the cover picture of this article you’ll say: it’s a stone.

But the data analyst, data scientist will say otherwise. For me I don’t see just a simple stone. I see a rich source of variables to include in my analysis, machine learning, and deep learning work!

For instance, I’ll be asking these questions:

  • What is the weight of that stone?

To sum up, look around your surroundings but this time pay some uniqe attention and think more a little bit CRAZY using the lense of a data analyst/data scientist. You’ll start to figure out many new things that you never thought of.

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