Giad Group: A Sudanese Motors & Industrial Corporation

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Giad Group was founded in the year 1993 with a vision to be one of the largest engineering industrial groups across Africa. The group has multiple subsidiary companies which include: Giad ElSewedy Cables, Giad Motors, Giad Tractor, Giad Motor Services, and Giad Trucks.

The industries that Giad Group is operating in are: vehicles, metallurgical industries, electronics, aviation, maritime , infrastructure, construction, agriculture, transportation, mining, alternative and renewable energies, space technologies, furniture, medical equipment, textile, leather, batteries, and research and development

Giad Group currently provides a variety of products including cars, SUVs, tankers, motorcycles, cables, food trucks, diesel oils, agricultural tractors, lamps, and other products.

The group’s partners include: MAN, Renault, Hyundai and BYD.

Giad ElSewedy

Giad Elsewedy Cables is specialised in manufacturing cables and lamps. They guarantee that their cables would last for 18 months and their lamps for two years.

Giad Elsewedy was fouded in 1999 as a subsidiary for Giad Industrial Group. It was the the first factory in Sudan for the purpose of settlement and filling the country’s need for cables. The Egyptian firm “Elsewedy “was chosen as a strategic partner for the company in 2002 , due to its rich experience in the industry of cable manufacturing and production.

In 2006, the production lines were modernized by introducing the rolls line with Italian technology, which brought about a shift and quantity in the production of rolls. Also new production lines such as pulling , arguing, isolation and assembly from China to meet the needs of the National Electricity Authority of (ABC) cables , which has had the effect of raising the design capacity of the factory , which reaching 750 tons / month in 2008. In 2021 Giad Elsewedy created establishing Gesco construction and contracting to enter the market of contracting and electrical wiring.

Giad Motor Services

Giad Motor Services were founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of Giad Industrial Group in Khartoum, Southwest of the horse racing area with also branches in other Sudanese cities.

Giad Motor Sercices provide a mechanical maintenance services for both civilian and military vehicles, oil related products, and car electrical works, bodywork paints, other integrated services for cars, periodic maintenance services, car cleaning, oil spare parts, and flats.

Giad Tractors

Source: Giad

Giad Tractors was founded in 2005 to manufacture, assemble, modernise and develop agricultural machinery and equipment. The products that they produce include: tractors, plowing equipment, tillage equipment, and cultivation equipment.

Giad Trucks

Source: Giad

Giad Trucks is the subsidiary that is specialised in manufacturing trucks, tankers, and trailers.

To conclude,

You can contact Giad Group using their Emails:

  1. Group’s email:
  2. Giad Elsewedy Cables:
  3. Giad Motor:
  4. Giad Trucks:
  5. Giad Motor Services:
  6. Giad Tractors:

Group’s Mobile phone: 00249187094007

Or their Facebook and Twitter.

And you can visit the group in their HQ tower in Al-Jerif, Khartoum, Sudan.



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