Fanni, a Sudanese startup for maintenance services

Fanni was founded by Mazin Bilal in 2021 to improve the standards, quality, set a new benchmark to uplevel the game of maintenance services in Sudan.

Fanni is the Uber of maintenance services in Sudan where people are able to order electricity technicians, plumbers, and other maintenance professionals through them in the nearest area. Though their business model is a shared economy business, they’re also open to fixed contracts for entitites to provide preventative maintenance, emergency maintenance visits to corporations, organisations, institutions, compounds, shops, and restaurants.

Their services include: maintenance of home appliances, electricity maintenance and installation, plumbing, and maintenance and installation of air conditioners in houses, residential buildings, businesses and other facilities.

Maintenance technicians, professionals and plumbers who join Fanni are trained and equipped with soft skills, time management, safety measurements, customer service, and other skills to ensure the best experience for Fanni’s customers.

Currently Fanni is operating only in the state of Khartoum, but hopefully it will grow to cover all of the Sudanese cities. They fulfilled more than 20 projects, 4000 orders and served more than 1800 customers and clients. Now with their upgraded platform and automation of their processes, Fanni is expected to grow its revenue by 600%. Their next milestone is to serve more than ten thousand customers and recruit a thousand technicians.

To conclude, Fanni aspire to be a game changer for reliable high quality maintenance services around Sudan by being the Uber of maintenance services in water and electricity.

You can reach out to Fanni at their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

call or chat with their mobile: 00249116558800

call their line: 6786

or their email:

And you can visit them in their office at Bashir Al-Nafidi St., Khartoum, Sudan.



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