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Ahmed El-Affendi
3 min readAug 8, 2020

The best way for anyone to explore a community’s perspective, challenges, culture, history, tradition, and interests is not by reading the long and boring articles written by sophisticated foreign journalists. It’s by reading the articles written by the people in these communities by their own words to the world, and to correct the misconception made by the Western Media and other media platforms of placing the Sudanese community in the slot of uncivilized underdeveloped communities.

You see there are four main Sudanese Digital Magazines and each one of them has a unique touch, and an area of life that it concentrates on.


Andariya is a magazine that speaks about film reviews, book reviews, arts, culture, travel experiences, women rights, technology, environment, opinions, deep discussions, and wellness. It covers topics mainly on Sudan, but on South Sudan, Uganda, and more African Countries in the future. The best thing is: all articles are written by the citizens of these countries only, so you won’t read something theorotical or far from the true facts and experience of the people of these lands.

It’s available in both Arabic and English.

You can visit the webiste here

500 Words Magazine

Five Hundred Words is an English Magazine that covers topics in arts, culture, society, business, economy, science, and technology. It covers only two countries, which are: Sudan and South Sudan. However, the articles are written by both nationals of Sudan and South Sudan, and foreigners.

You can visit the website here.

Next Magazine

Next Sudan is basically an organization that empowers undergraduates, postgraduates with the means of both hard and soft skills, and other useful topics through workshops and other tools. Nonetheless, it does have an interesting PDF magazine that’s released each month. “Next Magazine” issues are always unpredictable as they explore various topics in each monthly issue, which makes the readers always tuned and excited as it’s not only an educational magazine, but also contains some spices from soft skills, general community topics, new innovations, technologies and etc.

The magazine is available in both Arabic and English.

You can visit the website here.


Pioneer is an Arabic Magazine that covers on the stories of Sudanese Startups, which is very exciting and you’ll find articles on technology and culture as a side dish in their menu.

You can visit the website here.

In conclusion, these are four Sudanese Digital Magazines that are rich with stories from the Sudanese People to the world. They serve to amplify the sounds of millions that reside in Sudan for you to get the real context, facts, and experiences.



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