Delivery Mobile Apps, E-payment, and COVID-19 in Sudan

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We’ve all experienced the lockdown issue in this pandemic of Coronavirus, which will come to us in a second wave. In the lockdown the people shifted enormously to using e-commerce and e-payment applications all around the world including Sudan. However, Sudan faced obstacles in implementing this concept in a wide scale.

Many people diverted to use mobile applications for ordering daily groceries, medics, and shopping for anything else including Sudan. Which brings me to mentioning the delivery and e-payment apps that are available in Sudan for people to install and share them with their peers:

Delivery Mobile Applications


Dukani is a grocery delivery app, which is available in both Android and Apple.

2. Amir

Amir is an e-commerce platform.

3. Halan

Halan is a transport mobile application, but it started providing delivery service for groceries and other goods. It’s available in both Android and Apple.

4. Fresh

Fresh is a vegetables and fruits delivery app.

5. Flex Delivery

Flex is an app for packages delivery and mailing around Sudan for both individuals and businesses.

E-payment Mobile Applications

  1. Syber Pay

Syber Pay is an e-payment application that is used for paying for online shopping, electrcity and telecom invoices, and online subscriptions.

It’s available in both Android and Apple.

2. MBoK

MBok is the application for the Bank of Khartoum. It facilitates the transactions for shops and other routine invoices such as electricity, mobile sim recharge and etc. It’s available in both Android and Apple.

The issue that stands between enforcing a policy of using the mobile applications and deterring away from going to shops, and vital places in person to implement the Covid-19 health precautions of distancing and avoiding contact is that there is no strong ict infrastructure, and there is the problem of digital illiteracy that stands between a vast proportion of people and the usage or even realizing the benifits or importance of using technology in daily lives. I tried to get my hands on some statistics on the topic of digital illiteracy for the last 5 years in Sudan, but I couldn’t.

To sum up, Mobile applications are indeed crucial for enforcing the Covid-19 health policies in the Sudanese Community. There’re two main obstacles, which are: the fragile ict infrastructure and the digital illiteracy.



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