Data Startups in Sudan


Sudan still suffers from the issue of data illiteracy, which resulted in massive scarcity of the existence of publicly available online datasets and databases about any topic in Sudan or focused on Sudan. The only publicly available datasets are those created by the NGOs like the UN, FAO, and other organisations, which focus mainly on humanitarian disasters or nutrition, and food, which is not enough in order to create a robust business ecosystem in Sudan to push the wheel of financial profits for both the private and public sectors, revenue, and creation of new jobs in Sudan.

Of course most of the companies in the private sector do have their own data sets and business intelligence reports but most of them are not available publicly and they’re only dedicated to their business operations, customers, and market research especially the telecommunications industry.

Luckily several startups took initiative to try fill this gap of the disparate need of data about Sudan.

Amun Data

Amun Data provide uniquely tailored state-of-the-art Data solutions for Governments, Businesses & Organizations.

You can reach out to them at:

or via mobile phone: +249912376161


DataQ perceives itself as the first marketplace for data in Sudan. Their mission is become the largest data hub in Africa. They aim to improve the state of data literacy, data accessibility, data utilisation, and responsibility in data ownership.

Their services include:

  1. data-driven market studies and reports that are tailored to specific industries, using data analysis and data visualisations.
  2. Advanced data analytics and data visualisation services to produce actionable insights.
  3. Data consultancy services
  4. An online platform through which data scientists, analysts and other data professionals can earn an income by selling the datasets that they have created or collected.

You can reach out to them at:

or via mobile phone: +249916669500

Intelligent Pattern

Intelligent pattern is a startup that is specialised in providing data science training, courses, solutions and consultancy services.

You can reach out to them at: +249926186202

The road to a data-driven and data-oriented business and life culture in Sudan is still very long, but better to start now than never. And hopefully we would be able to see these startups grow more and also see more data startups in future in Sudan to close this hideous gap of data scarcity and data illiteracy in Sudan.



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