Cultural Centers in Khartoum

Ahmed El-Affendi
2 min readAug 1, 2020


Illustration for the culture of Sudanese people from the Red Sea province by Teahoe. URL:

Cultural Centers are nice places to learn new skills, new languages, read books, get some entertainment, network with new people of mutual interests, and attend events and workshops. There are multiple cultural centers in Khartoum that serve these purposes, which involve both local and foreign cultural centers. So, we’re going to share a couple of links for them with you in this article to explore more about them.

Local Cultural Centers

Al-Faisal Cultural Center

Al-Junaid Cultural Center

Abdulkareem Merghani Cultural Center

Dal Cultural Forum

New Generation

Sudan Cultural Center

Sudan Future Makers

House of Heritage

Foreign Cultural Centers

British Council

Goethe Institut

Turkish Cultural Center

To sum up, those were eleven cultural centers in Khartoum, which you might like to visit to make new connections, attend events, and learn new things around.



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