Craftoum Handcrafts


Craftoum is a Sudanese Brand — based in Khartoum — that provide handcrafted products including keychains, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, dolls, gloves, winter hats, and baby clothes and blankets.

Currently they operate only inside Sudan.

You can order from Craftoum online through:

1 — Twitter

2 — Facebook

Or you can also buy it in person from Pixel in Khartoum.

Pixel’s Twitter Account.

You can check on the founders’ interview by Muaz Osman with English Subtitles in this video:

And here are some of their products:

hand bracelets
Blue gloves
Red gloves

To sum up, this was one of the remarkable hand-craft clothes and accessories shops around Khartoum and you should definitely buy from.



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