Consulsat, the Sudanese Market Research Firm

Ahmed El-Affendi
2 min readOct 2, 2022

Consulsat is a private company specialised in market research founded by Mohamed Hamza in Sudan back in 2007.

Consulsat basically assist business owners to expand their businesses by researching the market to find the right clients and customers to target or to identify the best strategies for business owners to take in marketing, business growth, and promotion using market research. The company served clients in more than ten countries and conducted more than 250 projects.

The market research services provided at Consulsat include: researching and drawing insights about market sizing and trends, competition analysis, concept and product research testing, retail audits, customer research, loyalty research, usage, media awareness, brand awareness, customer segmentation, social research, policy research, data collection, and monitoring and evaluation of (projects, organisaitons, and programmes).

But one of Consulsat’s key strengths is media monitoring through which they monitor regular media channels like radio stations, cable and satelite tv channels, paper-based newspapers, and etc.

Their past case studies that they did include:

  1. Customer research in the usage and attitude of milk and cereals.
  2. Social research in understanding challenges faced by young people.
  3. Market research in understanding media consumption habits.
  4. Product researhc in U&A with concept testing.
  5. Market understanding of electrical equipments.
  6. Understanding customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Past cliens to Consulsat include: Pasgianos, MTN Sudan, Unilever, Nestle, Petronas, Danone, BBC, Department for international development, Samsung, and Zain Sudan.

To sum up, Consulsat is definitely a “go to” company for expanding your business, growing your startup, evaluating your products and services, evaluate your policies in either NGOs or ministries and governmental institutions.

The team behind Consulsat (Mohamed Hamza, the founder is the man with the red shirt). Source:

You can read more about Consulsat’s work and insights in its blog.

Also, you can reach out to Consulsat via its website,


Or Mobile Cell: 00249999800800

And you visit them at: Street 15 cross Mohamed Najeeb St. 11111 Khartoum, Sudan



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