Character Assassination: Unspoken Dimensions

Character assassination is something very disturbing that’s happening these days and is spreading like a plague in social media and real life. Only certain people with ill attitude use character assassination as a tool. It has a negative impact on the victims whose characters are assassinated. There are also important aspects of this phenomena that need to be explained. Though, it’s not the end of the life for whoever got his/her character assassinated.

What’s Assassination of Character?

It’s the effort exerted by a person, an entity, an institution, government, intelligence agency, or even a country’s leader to cause impactful damage to a person or an entity reputation and/or credibility amongst the society they live in or at international level. Character assassination is committed using defamation, half-truths, lies, false accusations, rumors, exaggeration of facts, or manipulation of information. It has five elements: victim, attacker, audience, media, and context.

It feels like you’ve been stabbed with a poisonous dagger and it feels like that you’re some mirage because you have no past, no future, and the present is shattered into million pieces. You exist but you do not exist at the same time.

Drawbacks of Character Assassination

All of the reputation, network of relations, societal position, influence, and respect you’ve built throughout the years is now burnt ashes to ashes and blown in the wind by a violent tornado 🌪. All of it is now just some faded memories and mirage not to be grasped ever again. It’s becoming more of a mythical legend not to be found forever.

You also get rejected effective immediately by people from your professional, cultural, and social environment.

Who to blame?

Mostly it’s the attacker whom to blame, but if there’s any sort of truth in the tools or information they’re using to assassinate your character then you should blame yourself.

we have a wisdom in Arabic “emshi edel adowwak yethayyar feek"

Which translates to: Walk straight and your enemy will not know how to strike you down!

Life has no mercy!

Don’t commit suicide and don’t bow to whoever assassinated your character.

Never give in!

“Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

Winston Churchill

Stand your ground and don’t crawl back not even an inch.

Embrace your fate whatever that is.

Dirty Game

Sometimes those who assassinate characters of other people are classified as psychopaths. According to Wikipedia, psychopaths use character assassination to maintain their agenda. So it’s not weird to see that some psychopaths would like to play a dirty game with you.

Firstly, they assassinate your character.

Secondly, they don’t kill you they don’t hurt you. They simply leave you hanging dry.

Thirdly, you realize that no one absolutely no one will connect with you or help you.

Fourthly, they expect you to realize that they are the only family who will accept you and they are waiting for you to join them to assassinate other characters and assassinate other bodies.

Fifthly, REFUSE any kind of cooperation with those filthy maggots and raise your head high because it’s better to be a lone wolf and enter Heaven than be with a pack of pigs and enter Hell.

And speaking of the devil, does the word “psychopath” remind you any familiar person in the region?

I did not say anything LOL !


All of the people you knew in the past from friends, former colleagues, relatives will break up with you or treat you as a person infected by plague even those pompous sheikhs who brag a lot about repentance to God and his forgiveness and mercy 24/7.

Yes indeed, God is merciful, humanity is NOT!

People will despise you, laugh at you, and pity you. And in this moment hardship will teach you that you have no one but Allah to ask help from.


The people. Aaah the people! People,people,people,people.

Let me tell you something: F**K the people. Yeah your read that right, F**K the people. Do you think that when you get hurt or put in a bad situtation that people will help you, that people will stand by your side, that people will have sympathy for you, that people will shred a tear for you?Boo hoo!

People won’t give a damned SHIT about you. The people will laugh at you, cherish on your pain, make fun of you, hell they may also participate in assassinating your character more. And there’s one important fact you’re forgetting about: people do not have the keys of life and death, the keys of wealth and poverty, the keys of Heaven and Hell. People will not help you in your grave, people will not help you or judge you on Judgement Day. Thus, if people are useless in your grave, judgement day, and do not hold the keys of Heaven and Hell, then they should be even more useless before these horrific moments!

How to Deal with Assassination of Character?

Consider it as an atonement for your sins because you’re still alive and God is still keeping watch on what are you saying and doing and you’ll be held accountable on judgement day. You’re still alive. You have a life to live for God’s sake ! Don’t end it just because life isn’t smiling at you currently at the specific place, specific time, and specific community. You’ll find your place and people in this big wide world.

New Beginnings

You won’t be able to go to places you’ve been in the past. You cannot contact or reconnect with people from the past due to shame or awkwardness.

We have another saying in Arabic “elli faat maat", which translates to “whatever happened to you in the past, died with the past”. I’m not telling you to burn the bridges you have, but do not waste your energy, time, and resources trying to renovate a bridge that is already burnt to ashes by others.

You’re a man/woman with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You have a greater risk tolerance.

It’s not the end. It’s a new beginning EMBRACE it.

Final Take

F**K this shit! Those who oppress people, kill innocents, imprison innocents, and steal money from the people are the ones who should be ashamed and crawl back from the society not you.

Convert your losses into wins.

And make damn sure that your ultimate victory lies inside your greatest loss!

I love and adore this scene from Netflix’s original series “The Magnificent” because it explains clearly what I’m trying to say:

“You accept this gesture, and the treaty will be seen as mine. You refuse, and it’ll also be mine!”


Character assassination is one of the destructive things in our lives. Psychopaths love to use character assassination. Victims suffer greatly from character assassination. This social phenomena should be elaborated in detail. It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter in your life.



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