Can blockchain curb financial corruption in Sudan?

Ahmed El-Affendi
2 min readFeb 21, 2020


The issue of financial corruption is a painful poison that keeps feeding the unjust and destroying the oppressed. The blockchain is an emerging technology that is capable of serving the goal of transparency. Blockchain as any other technology, has its own development tools.

Firstly, Sudan has suffered from financial corruption. There is an abundant amount of corruption stories that can be told by both regular citizens and foreign investors to the extent that if these stories were gathered they would form a whole encyclopedia or a national archive for such incidents!

You can check on the sources below for more enlightenment on the matter:

  1. Corruption perceptions index

2. Sudan Integrity Profile

3. Corruption_in_Sudan

Secondly, blockchain is marvelous technology that can serve transparency efficiently. It can curb corruption in land deals, supply chain, exports, imports, budgeting, zakat, and customs. If a blockchain system is introduced, we may not need any help from anyone because the wealth is conserved.

The costing details of obtaining such a system is explained here.

This is a very interesting article by Mark White, Jason Killmeyer, and Bruce Chew inDeloitte Insights, which you can read in detail through this link.

The article explains how to apply the blockchain to the supply chain. It also explains how blockchain can be utilized in the public governmental sector including: land registration, voting, maintaining healthcare patients’ records, and etc.

Lastly, just as the websites and mobile applications have their own development tools, so as the blockchain systems. The main tools are: Solidity, Geth,Remix, Mist, Solium, Parity, Dapp Board, Truffle, Embark, and MyEtherWallet.[1]

To sum up, financial corruption is a ruffian beast that should be dealt with through the means of blockchain technology sooner or later because as it seems that the human factor keeps on failing a healthy financial environment.



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