Alternatives of Amazon in Sudan


Sudan suffered from the unfair and unjust economic sanctions enforced by Bill Clinton in the year 1997, which made banks and e-commerce businesses like Amazon and Ebay unable to operate in Sudan. This created a gap in the market in Sudan and an opportunity for some Sudanese companies to take initiative and help close this gap and serve Sudanese people in Sudan in the area of e-commerce retail industry from global e-commerce businesses and shops.

There are three main companies that grasped the opportunity to fill the gap in the Sudanese market, which are Yarazon, Amazol, and Trends Vanity.

1. Yarazon

Yarazon is a Sudanese company that operates in Turkey, UAE, and Sudan. It imports various retail products from any retail shop or business that has a website in either Turkey or the UAE. Customers in Sudan are able to surf the web the shop online like any citizen in the rest of the world, then send the links of the products and quantity they want to order to Yarazon. Then Yarazon calculates the price of these goods with the margin that includes their profit and the costs of shipping and delivery of those products. They’re able to deliver to all cities around Sudan in a maximum period of thirty days, but the time needed to deliver products may be less than that depending on the products that you’re ordering, and most importantly they’re very flexible in the payment methods as they accept payment in Sudanese pounds cash, Bankak, or money transfer via bank card number. For placing orders or asking questions you can visit them on Instagram.

2. Amazol

Amazol operates in a similar manner to Yarazon, but with the advantage that it’s able to provide retail products from all over the globe with the condition that the shop or business has a website. They accept payment mainly through Bankak app, but they also accept cash and bank card number money transfer. For placing orders or asking questions, you can visit their Instagram.

3. Trends Vanity

Trends Vanity is an ecommerce retail business that focuses mainly on fashion retail and operates in a similar way to both Yarazon and Amazol. It provides products mainly from Amazon, Shein, asos, Styli, Noon, Zara, Namshi, H&M, Voga Closet. They also have special customer loyalty programs that gives their customers discounts, free gifts, free shipping, discounts for their events’ and bazars’ tickets in Sudan. You can place your orders and ask your questions by visiting their Instagram.

To conclude, Sudan is still suffering from the aftermath of the American economic sanctions including the stumbled e-commerce industry. Luckily, three companies were able to provide services dedicated for tending to the needs of Sudanese people and foreign residents in Sudan in the area of e-commerce retail products. Hopefully we shall see them growing and blooming in Sudan until it becomes a vital pillar in the Sudanese economy.



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