A review on the Sudanese Online Bookstore: Booktino

Photo by Ivo Rainha on Unsplash

Ahmed Badreldin, who is the founder of Booktino, is the first person in Sudan to lead the digital transformation for the industry of paper book retail business in Sudan. Booktino is an e-commerce website founded in 2016 AD — 1437 AH, which provides both Arabic and English books for readers across Sudan. The books are not only those which are written by Sudanese Writers, but also import books from outside Sudan.

The categories of books Booktino provide include: novels, philosophy, religion, biographies, human development, history, magazines, family, children books.

However, the platform still doesn’t provide and English language and the only payment method available is cash on delivery.

Interview for Ahmed Badreldin by Sudania 24 — In Arabic only

You can visit Booktino in the following links:

. Website






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