I’m a coffeeholic foodie Data Journalist| Data Scientist| Social Media Analyst|Cinematics addict| website: https://linktr.ee/ahmed_elaffendi

Cinematics are not just a form of entertainment it’s also a bridge between nations. Moustapha Akkad was the first Muslims director to make an impactful change in representing Muslims in a positive way in front of the world. It’s crucial to portray ourselves positively in cinematics. The 9/11 bombings of…

In order to build new knowledge, understand what’s happening around us, succeed in our endeavors, verify a claim, seize an opportunity, raise community awareness, prove a hypothesis, solve problems, or take accurate if not precise decisions, research must be conducted. Research centers, projects, and other entities in Sudan are not…

There are many things that exist around us in our environment, but here is the thing: most of us don’t observe what’s interesting in it because we see these things everyday, but some of us observe and deduct what others didn’t!

Now if I asked you what is in the…

Sudan is blessed with a huge diversity of natural resources, wildlife, ethnic groups, and historic landmarks and places. These historic landmarks are diverse according to their historic era and type of the landmark itself. …


كثيرا ما نتسائل في الحياة: ماذا نصنع إذا جرى لنا هذا الموقف أو ذاك. و من هذه المواقف مواقف طريفة و مواقف حزينة و مواقف شريفة و مواقف مخزية و مواقف عظيمة و مواقف تُنسى و مواقف تُذكر. و لكن من تلك المواقف موقف هو عبارة عن مزيج بين المواجهة…

الماء لا يغلي إلا عند ١٠٠%


البلد الذي لا يملك اقتصاده هو البلد الذي لا يملك قراره


نرى القديم جديداً من برائتنا و هو المعاد لأجيال و أجيال

تميم البرغوثي


نح على نفسك يا مسكين إن كنت تنوح لست بالباقي و لو عُمِّرت ما عُمِّر نوح


Ahmed El-Affendi

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