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Data Scientist, Data Journalist, Technology Evangelist, and the Godfather of the Girentiya Post.

Sudan’s suffer from digital illiteracy especially in the area of data. The organisations around te world focus on negative aspects when collecting data or creating data visualization about Sudan. The local institutions and organisations in Sudan are also not doing anything effective about it. An initiative is needed to solve this issue.

Sudan was isolated from the economic world order and was deprived from the latest advancements in technologies. This caused a case of digital illiteracy in the field of data. Add to this the poor infrastructure in the sectors of electricity and ICT. …

The concept of data journalism is allowing data to pave context and build in credibility to the story. Datasets can be found ready made in the internet, or created by extracting it from multimedia files (pdf, videos, audio) or from people through a series of interviews, analysis, research and any other means of discovery which will result in a wholesome set of information to be used as a point of reference for readers, communities, governments, etc.

Its process has a series of steps that anyone can learn and master.[ It has unlimited uses and benefits, and has a huge positive…

الماء لا يغلي إلا عند ١٠٠%


البلد الذي لا يملك اقتصاده هو البلد الذي لا يملك قراره


نرى القديم جديداً من برائتنا و هو المعاد لأجيال و أجيال

تميم البرغوثي


نح على نفسك يا مسكين إن كنت تنوح لست بالباقي و لو عُمِّرت ما عُمِّر نوح

أبي العتاهية


مخطئ من ظن أن للثعلب ديناً


لا تتوقع نتيجة مختلفة إذا كنت تفعل و تقول نفس الشيء بنفس الطريقة


الكافر المخلص في كفره ينتصر على المؤمن المزيف في إيمانه


الله ينصر الدولة العادلة و إن كانت كافرة و يخذل الدولة الظالمة و إن كانت مسلمة

نصرة المظلوم واجب إسلامي أي أن من يتخاذل عنه يأثم و يرتكب كبيرة من الكبائر. يتم قياس الحد الأدنى فيما يتعلق بنصرة المظلوم بالاستطاعة. فمنا من يستطيع أن ينصر بالدعاء و منا من يستطيع أن ينصر بالكلمة المنطوقة و المكتوبة و منا من يستطيع اتخاذ القرارات التنفيذية في الحكومات أو الشركات و المؤسسات و المنظمات و منا يستطيع أن يمزج بين هذا و ذاك و منا من يستطيع أن يفعل ذلك كله.

إن نصرة المظلوم هي كزكاة المال التي فرضها الله على المجتمع المسلم تُؤخذ من الغني و تعطى لمن يحتاجها من الفقراء و لو — لا قدر الله —…

There were always these stories of corruption in bidding, when suppliers tend to try to use bribes and many other twisted ways to get any piece of information on the bids from the employees working in the organisation/company that are offering their bids.

Well, Sudan Bid is somehow trying to solve such a probelm. It is an online tendering platform that was found in 2020, and enables both suppliers and buyers the opprtunity to conduct their tendering transactions in a transparent environment with equal opportunities for all.

Buyers can join the platform using this form in the website, and Suppliers…

الحياة غريبة و مليئة بالأشياء الجميلة و القبيحة و تلك التي لا نجد كلمات دقيقة لوصفها و أحيانا تكون سهلة و أحيانا أخرى تكون صعبة. و لكن الشيء المؤكد أن هذه الحياة الدنيا ستنتهي يوما ما إما أن تفوتك هي بأن تقوم القيامة أو تفوتها أنت بأن تموت. لذلك سأسرد لكم بعض القصص عن من سار في طريق نصرة الحق و مات عليه علها تكون لكم مُلهِمَةً و تكشف لكم زيف الحياة الدنيا الرخيصة و تنشطكم على الانجاز و التقدم في الحياة.

مصر القديمة

Twitter is a robust space for digital platforms and also for businesses in Sudan, so that’s why I ran a poll in December, 2020 to find out the top Sudanese Twitter Accounts for each sector, category, and type. The platforms are from different sectors, and so are the businesses. In addition I’ve created a dashboard on Tableau, in case you’re interested in having a detailed view just right here in this link.

We’ve all experienced the lockdown issue in this pandemic of Coronavirus, which will come to us in a second wave. In the lockdown the people shifted enormously to using e-commerce and e-payment applications all around the world including Sudan. However, Sudan faced obstacles in implementing this concept in a wide scale.

Many people diverted to use mobile applications for ordering daily groceries, medics, and shopping for anything else including Sudan. Which brings me to mentioning the delivery and e-payment apps that are available in Sudan for people to install and share them with their peers:

Delivery Mobile Applications


Dukani is a grocery…

It’s known to all of us that the youthful community in Sudan rarely get the chance to lead and gain experience in the governmental bodies and activities. Here is where the strategy simulation games come in to fill this gap.

One of these strategy simulation games is the 25-years old Sid Meier’s Civilization Series. The latest release is Civilization 6.

In this game you might not be able to simulate the exact current environment of the world, but you’ll be able to simulate unlimited number of possible scenarios.

You’ll be acting as the leader of the country in this game…

Whenever a company owner or a startup founder wants to have a website or mobile application for a project, he/she either assign it to one the employees or outsource it another specialized company or freelancer. Throughout this article, I’ll be shedding some spotlight on two of the main Local Sudanese Firms in the field of B2B software and web development in Sudan. Any other foreign company is excluded in this article.

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