Three efficient mobile apps for Islamic Teachings

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Mobile applications helped us to become a better version of us. We became more productive and more flexible in multiple areas of our lives. Throughout this essay you’ll pass by the most efficient mobile applications with an elegant user interface — in both Android and Apple Platforms — for learning and practicing Islamic Teachings. Luckily, not all of them are in Arabic, but also in English and other languages.

1) Al-Mawareeth

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First of all, my God give you a blessed lifetime. Al-Mawareeth is an app for calculating the inheritance according to the divine law in the Quran for each of your relatives based on the relation of the relative and your total wealth and assets that you’ve acquired.

2) El-Mohafez

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El-Mohafez is one of the most efficient applications when it comes to Quran. It’s available in Arabic, English, Spanish, Urdu, and Portuguese. Aside from the Holy Quran, there’s also the multiple books about the Islamic Sciences available in the same application. It contains Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and Al-Arba’oon Al-Nawawiya, which are the main books of Prophet’s Sayings. Moreover, there’s Omdat Al-Ahkam, which explains what is mentioned in the Prophet’s Sayings. And of course, there’s Al-Jazariya, which explains how to recite the Quran correctly.

3) Al-Hadeeth Encyclopedia

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If you’re searching for the largest online database and search engine for the Sayings of Prophet Mohammed, you just have to download Al-Hadeeth Encyclopedia by Dorar Organization, which gathers all of the sayings of the prophet from all books and provides the feature to check if the saying is valid and verified. Unfortunately it’s available in Arabic only.

To sum up, there is a vast diversity of applications that serves the divine scriptures, but I only chose to mention the most efficient and the ones with the best graphical user interface in this essay.

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